Why Should You Try the Pilates Reformer? Here are 5 Amazing Benefits

Why Should You Try the Pilates Reformer? Here are 5 Amazing Benefits

Pilates Reformer helps improve overall physical fitness, leading to greater strength, flexibility, and balance, improving posture, movement, and mental health. Pilates Reformer is a great platform for anyone wanting to improve their fitness.

Still, if you are looking out for more benefits on Pilates Reformer, read below:

Strengthens your entire body

Pilates Reformers are known for placing a big emphasis on core strength, focusing on the core, lower abdomen, and back muscles. The core muscles contract with all movements, stabilizing and strengthening your spine. Strengthening your core improves core, agility, and flexibility, reducing the risk of injury. You can perform more with less fatigue by reducing the strain placed on your joints and muscles.

Let’s you control the resistance

Since the reformer uses springs as resistance, you can select your preferable resistance on your own by attaching and detaching the springs. For instance, if you have trouble doing squats, you can do them lying on your back on the reformer. Just by pressing your feet against the end of the reformer, squats can be easily performed without much stress on your knees and without any need for balancing it.

Increases muscle endurance

Reformer pilates strengthens your muscles by enabling you to move through full range while working it. It works your muscles in three possible actions: concentric, eccentric, and isometric movements.

Concentric movements – Involves shortening of your muscle fibers by working with resistance.

Eccentric movements – Muscle fibers lengthening with opposite and equate motions

Isometric movements – Hold-it-right poses working on the complete control

It not only targets major muscle groups but even small stabilizing muscles are called to action when working on a reformer machine.


The Pilates reformer is a versatile machine allowing you to perform workouts in various positions, such as sitting, standing, prone, lying down, and sideways. With just one piece of exercise equipment, you can train various muscle groups of your body with jump boards, poles, and plank bars. Pilates Reformer enables you to customize your workout according to your fitness level, goals, and work by doing exercises lying down, kneeling, or standing up.

Gentle on your joints

Another benefit of Pilates Reformer is that it involves no impact on your joints. While you do exercises from a seated or lying position in reformer equipment, it's non-weight-bearing — meaning you don't have gravity hurting your joints. Reformer Pilates focuses on correct alignment with movements that help to strengthen your back, neck, and core muscles. Stronger muscles can help reduce overall pain such as lower back pain, neck strains, or hip tightness that occurs from daily activities like sitting too long. After regular sessions on a reformer, feel leaner, longer, and stronger with a better awareness of your body, breath, and movement. 


Those benefits are worth getting excited about a Pilates Reformer. Want to experience Reformer Pilates for yourself? Why wait? Check our website to choose the best equipment suiting your needs!

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