Warranty Terms and Conditions.

LOPE Pilates Warranty conditions.

Reformer Frames:

Maple Wood Reformer and Beech Wood Reformer frame has 5 years warranty.
Aluminium Reformer has 2 years warranty for frame.
  • Warranty is limited for 2 years on the foot-bar, does not include wear and tear on upholstery.
  • Spare part replacements are free of charge however LOPE does not cover the cost of shipping the spare part.
  • Springs have a 6 month warranty period. (Both reformer or chair)
  • Box and Carriage has 1 year warranty period.
  • Warranty excludes damage for wear and tear and or damaged caused by the user.
  • Warranty only covers manufacturing fault.

Ladder Barrel:
  • No warranty on upholstery (if damage is not due to manufacturing fault).
  • 12 month Manufacturers Limited Warranty on all other components.

Cadillac | Trapeze Table | Wall Unit | Wall Bars | Springboard

  • 12 month Manufacturers Limited Warranty is extended in regard to wood components/ frame, stainless overhead bars/frame and fastenings thereof, and related welding of stainless frame.
  • 12 month Manufacturers Limited Warranty on all other components.
There is no warranty for scratch marks or tears on upholstery. 

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