Pilates Reformer: A comprehensive buying guide

Pilates Reformer: A comprehensive buying guide

Are you looking to burn calories through a safe, low-impact workout in Australia? Could you imagine, with a Pilates Reformer equipment, a 150-pound beginner can burn 200-260 calories, that too in just 60 minutes?

No matter your age or fitness level, anyone can significantly improve their strength, coordination, and flexibility once they become comfortable doing reformer Pilates.

If you are looking to know everything before you buy one of these versatile pieces of fitness equipment, you are at the right place.

Pilate Reformer: Key features

These are the home gym devices that appear like a rowing machine with a frame and a carriage to roll back and forth. An array of springs, ropes, and pulleys provides the resistance needed for a full-body workout. The right amount of tension and resistance needed can be obtained by adjusting the springs depending on your fitness level.

Practically, the frames should be sturdy and stable while assessing them to ensure that they don't wobble or creak.

One of the best advantages of a reformer is that frames can be folded up when not in use which helps in organizing your home gym space over other equipment such as a treadmill or spin bike.

Pilate Reformer: Buying tips

* Reformers come in a variety of options, heights, and sizes – Check your size, body type,  and exercise goals

* The price of a reformer from reputable online sellers usually matches the MSRP (manufacturer recommended retail price) – Choose a seller with great customer service

* Check into a qualified Pilates studio before you invest in a reformer – A trained instructor helps you in specific exercises of your body type, you can also consider home sessions with a personal Pilates instructor

* Achieve personal fitness goals – Few private sessions helps you to learn some principles of a reformer

Why it is effective?

Compared to other traditional weight training equipment, where a greater output of force is required even to initiate the movement against gravity, the use of strings in a reformer lowers the initial resistance and gradually increases through the range of the motion. On the whole, with the use of a reformer one can stay in a comfortable position, including supine, prone, side-lying, standing, kneeling, and sitting, while working out.

The spring system in a reformer facilitates hundreds of exercise options that can be done even by users like rehab patients, athletes, pregnant women, people with disabilities and mobility limitations, and so on. Depending on the users’ needs, fitness level, ability, and goals, a reformer workout can be progressed, regressed, or modified.

Pilate Reformer: Price range

Ideally, a reformer range in price from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 plus. This depends on their functionality, features, warranty, add-ons, and accessories. When buying a Reformer, invest in a versatile product irrespective of money and look for sturdy and durable components, high-quality craftsmanship, manufacturing, and a comprehensive warranty. The warranty should cover components and mechanisms, welding, fabric, upholstery, and wear and tear.


Ready to enjoy the comfort of reformer Pilates in your home? Lope Pilates has a range of top-quality home Pilates reformers to buy online or visit our wholesale store if you'd like to try out a reformer before you buy it.

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