The best accesories to add with your Reformer Pilates Machine.

Adding accessories to your Pilates reformer machine can enhance your workout variety and target specific muscle groups. Here are some popular accessories for a Pilates reformer:

  1. Jumpboard: This attachment allows you to add cardiovascular exercises to your Pilates routine. It's a padded board that you can attach to the foot bar, turning your reformer into a horizontal jumping surface.

  2. Box: A Pilates box can be used in various ways to support and challenge your workouts. It can be placed on the carriage to provide support for different exercises or placed on the floor for exercises like step-ups.

  3. Reformer Loops/Straps: These are essential for performing a variety of exercises. Loops or straps are used to secure your hands or feet during exercises, providing stability and control.

  4. Padded Platform Extender: This accessory increases the surface area of the carriage, providing more space for exercises. It's particularly useful for individuals with longer limbs or those looking for additional stability.

  5. Magic Circle or Pilates Ring: This small, flexible ring provides resistance for both the upper and lower body. It's often used to target specific muscle groups, especially in the arms and inner thighs.

  6. Footbar Cover: A padded cover for the footbar can add comfort during footwork exercises and protect your feet from direct contact with the metal bar.

  7. Padded Headrest: Some reformers come with an adjustable headrest for added comfort during exercises that require lying on your back. If your reformer doesn't have one, you may consider adding a padded headrest attachment.

  8. Sitting Box with Handles: This accessory can be used for seated exercises and provides handles for additional support and stability.

  9. Platform Extender: This attachment increases the length of the reformer bed, allowing for more versatility in exercises. It's particularly useful for taller individuals.

  10. Maple Roll-Up Pole: This is a pole that can be used for various exercises to engage the core and improve stability. It's placed in different positions on the reformer for exercises that target the upper body and abdominal muscles.

Always check with your instructor or refer to your reformer's manual to ensure that the accessories are compatible and safe to use with your specific Pilates reformer model. Additionally, proper instruction and supervision are crucial, especially if you're new to Pilates or using new accessories.

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